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Kasos is also famous for its couisine. Meat, tradiotional cheese, Hand made “Dolmadakia” and “Staka” are some of the most common food you will have the chance to taste.  Do not hesitate to take with you the traditional Cheese or Staka that is put on hand made pasta. You can also have it in staka pies. Which is a traditional hand made sweet. 

During festivals you can also taste “Stifado”. Meet with onions and red sause cooked in large quantities and served with potatoes and “Dolmadakia” If you are in Kastos at Easter there is a traditonal food that is goat in traditional oven with rice or potatoes. 

Consider tasting the fresh fish you can find in restaurants, Greek salad, Kasos salad, hand made pies and of course fresh fruits and vegetables that is sold in fruit markets. 

Most of the restaurants offer fruits or sweets after your lunch or dinner. Kasos hospitality is well known to the visitors. So do not hesitate to ask the recipe you like from the chef! Bon apetite!  

Unique feeling. Taste tradition!

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