"Heroic Island of Kassos"

Since 2017, with a relevant article of the Greek parliament, Kassos was renamed to  “Heroic Island of Kassos”.
A title that automatically belongs to all those people who gave everything to achieve the freedom and independence of the Greek Nation during the revolution of 1821.
A timeless title of honor in our acritic Kassos.

Dates & Festivals of Kasos

  • 17th of July
  • 6th of August
  • 15th of August
  • 27th of August
  • 2nd of September
  • 7th of September
  • 14 of September
  • 26th of October
  • St. Marina
  • Sotiros Hristou
  • Sleep of Virgin Mary (Panayia)
  • St. Fanourios
  • St. Mamas
  • Birthday of Virgin Mary (Panayias)
  • Timios Stavros
  • St. Demetrios

Kasos Sightseeing

  • Museums: There are some museums in Kasos you can visit which are:
  • The Stilokamara
  • The Ellinokamara
  • Museum in Fri
  • Museum in Arvanitori
  • Traditional Home Visit
  • The Library
  • The library on the island consists of historical facts of kasos, the captains who docked here and the many ships that resided here. every year a festival in "Bouka" where local aritsts and others ivited participate.
  • Traditional Festivals are taking place during summer. Traditional food is served and many people participate.
  • It is a nice chance for you to dance the traditional dances and feel deeply in your soul the music and the hospitality
  • The Municipality of Kasos organizes every year a festival in "Bouka" where local aritsts and other famous singers are invited το participate.

Must visit In Kasos

Augusts 15th Festival

On August 15, the whole Kasos turns into a celebration. It is the day when the “Panayia”  is celebrated. It is the day that all Marys celebrate.

On that day if you are lucky enough to be in Kassos,  you will experience a beautiful traditional festival.

The morning begins with the Divine Liturgy and then traditional food is offered at noon accompanied by local wine.

You will hear traditional instruments and melodies. The locals know how to celebrate and most of the time you will hear them singing beautiful traditional songs. It is a real authentic feast. 

Of course, singing and wine lead to traditional dances. The women of Kassos will serve you to some delicacies at night hours and you will be able to dance traditional dances until late at night.

Be there so you don’t miss it!

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