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Experience A Traditional Cooking Class

Absorb the View, The Organic Taste and grasp the opportunity to take them home and enjoy the memorable flavors of Kasos. Experience a unique flare of outdoor cooking at stone cottage vineyard, where you will enjoy a homemade pasta dish and fresh baked bread.

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Private Dinner

Between 7-8:30pm you can enjoy the sunset at a stone cottage vineyard accompanied with a glass of wine and a delicious traditional dish. Enjoy!

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Visit Armathia Beach

A boat ride away to paradise on earth. This magnificent beach will leave you speechless. It’s crystal clear waters and white sandy beach is defined as one of the best untouched areas in the Aegean. Relax, swim, and capture the beauty. Food & Water will be provided. Bring your camera, towel, sunscreen and hat and book this excursion now!

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Visit Helatros Beach

This is a 25 min drive to a beautiful pebbled beach. Clear blue waters and a lite breeze that will relax you. Enjoy the local canteen that will serve you at your bed or beach chair and leave you with a great experience. Book Now!

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Visit Ammoua Beach

Beach Ammoua, about 3 Km from Fry. Sandy, partly organized, and exposed to winds.  Near you will find the champel of Constantine, ideal for watching the sunset.

Further down loaded marble plaque to commemorate the Holocaust Kasos, (7 June 1924), because here was the invasion of the Turks on the island.

Opposite beach, after Ammoua. You will find 3 small beaches, joined with path, pebbly, exposed to north winds. Book Now!

Spectacular Beaches

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Experience the Sea and Sun...

Kasos is a place where mass tourism is an unknown word. Where tradition meets hospitality when meeting locals young or old who are welcoming to all visitors.

Kassians leave an impression on tourists due to fact that they share stories, traditions, food as well as their land in order to make them feel comfortable.

The Kassian Beaches are of unique beauty. From pebbled to white sand beaches with pristine clear waters that make you feel as if you’re on a majestic paradise island. Kasos is a hidden gem worth exploring.

Come embrace the magic of the untouched.

Panagia, 6 Churches, Panagia Tou Giorgi, Panagia Tou Emboriou

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Kasos is known for its very beautiful Churches...

All the ship captains built homes there. They have the second largest church on the island which was built in 1902. It took a total of 10 years to build and each family in town took turns by volunteering to cook for the workers. Each stone they made cost 1 gold coin.

Saint Kassianis body was found in Panagia in an underground area where she was told to hide from the man they gave her to. She was later found dead and laying her head on a white stone which is included on the south side of panagias church (seek and you shall find). The PANAGIOTES  included her tomb within PANAGIAS property beside the church. We later discovered that her bones were stolen by the Ikariotes.  

Fri, Poli, Arvanitohori, Agia Marina & Panagia

  • Destination Kasos

Explore the beautiful Villages of Kasos...

We are a population of 900 people during the winter and up to 6-7000 in the summer season. Our island consists of 5 beautiful villages which are all close by.  If you like hiking or walking then Kasos is the right place for you. You will be able to go anywhere on foot or you can rent a car and go even further. There are not long distances. 

Agia Marina

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Kasos is a fantastic Island and we really enjoyed our staying. "Kasostours" made us feel like home and we experienced the most of Kasos' hospitality.
Helen Poppins

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